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A photographer is someone who takes photographs in a studio or out of his/her own home. A photographer’s life usually begins with the desire to learn about how to make pictures. When you are first starting out, learning how to shoot in a different way than what you have done before can be daunting.

The first way to learn is not to stop and think about what you do wrong. Instead, what is the best way for me to approach this situation? This way you won’t get discouraged and you will continue to learn.

Most professional photographers would say that what is a photographer really depends on your own creative side. However, I believe that being a photographer has many levels.

What is a photographer who is well established in his/her field of photography and has a loyal clientele who buys his/her work? Is he/she considered a topnotch photographer or does he/she fall somewhere between a commercial photographer and an art gallery painter? In the profession of photography there are many levels of achievement.

  • What is a Commercial Photographer? There are many types of photography, but if we are defining what is a photographer then I would include these types of photographers: Wedding Photography, portrait photography, still life photography, photojournalism and advertising photography. What is a wedding photographer? A wedding photographer is someone who takes photographs of weddings. If we are defining what is a commercial photographer then I would include these types of photographers: Sporting goods photography, fashion photography, fine art photography, photojournalism, and advertising photography. So what is a Working Photographer? A working photographer is someone who works from their own home or office.
  • What is a Home Based Photographer? Someone who works out of their own home or office takes photographs that are focused around that area. For example, if the home was destroyed by fire and the only thing left was the destroyed camera, this person would be a home based photographer. More people are becoming self-sufficient and hiring individuals to take their professional photos for them at affordable rates what is a photographer who creates a portfolio and teaches courses on how to be better photographers.
  • What is a Creative Writer? Often individuals are creative when it comes to taking pictures but when it comes to composing a good story or how to present those photos in order to make a product they can sell what is a photographer? Many creative writers are becoming quite well known because of their skills in what is a photographer. The creative side of the photographer comes from the artistic aspect of the writer as opposed to the technical aspects of what is a photographer. Most photographers have some sort of technical side to them, whether they are actually using a camera, or not but, in general most people involved in what is a photographer are artists.
  • What is a Commercial Photographer? A commercial photographer is someone who either owns their own business or works for another company. These types of photographers are going to have many contacts and years of experience working with other professionals and being able to help them out. In terms of what is a commercial photographer there are also a lot of different positions that can be filled by this type of photographer.
  • What is an Environment Photographer? An environment photographer takes photos of nature. A good example of this type of photographer would be taking a picture of a lush jungle scene, a sunset, or an explosion. The environment of the photo really depends on what type of subjects the photographer is trying to take photos of.
  • What is an Wedding Photographer? Wedding photography involves taking photos of weddings. A good example of this would be taking a picture of a couple walking down the aisle. Wedding photographers can work for wedding firms, photography firms, or be freelance photographers. Many photographers have a portfolio that they show clients so that they can get an idea of what type of shots they might want to take.
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